Flax Seeds: Yay or Nay?

Flaxseed (also called linseed) are good source of micro-nutrients, dietary fibres, manganese, and essentials of Omega-3 fatty acid.

Many of us are unaware about the benefits of these seeds. In this blog-post I ll cover few points like, benefits of flaxseed, Side effects of flaxseed and how to eat these seeds.

How is Flaxseed good for you:

  • It helps lower the risk of diabetes, cancer and blood-pressure.
  • Its helps in weight-loss.
  • Stops hair fall
  • Prevents aging.
  • Boosts your memory.
  • Builds up your immunity system.
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Improving blood sugar.
  • Protecting against radiation.

Flaxseed Side Effects and Warnings:

  • Higher doses are likely to cause Gastrointestinal side effects such as bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, stomach-ache, nausea and constipation.
  • They can significantly alter menstrual cycle because of hormonal excesses.
  • Flaxseed oil is to be avoided by pregnant women, especially in their second or third semester – the risk of premature birth and low birth weight has been found to increase almost four times.

How much is good for you?

Doctors recommend just a spoonful a day for the seed to work its magic. Best that the seeds are soaked or powdered before eating for easier absorption by the body. In fact, flaxseed in whole or oil form can be quite difficult for the digestive tract to process and can lead to severe gastrointestinal issues when consumed regularly.

Goodness is always there!

So is this one more superfood flying out the window? Not necessarily! The goodness of flaxseed far outweighs the possible downsides. Add the powder to just about anything – flour, batter, cereals, smoothies, or just plain yogurt, and your body has a lot to be thankful for – cardiovascular protection, a healthy digestive system, and hormonal balance being key. So do get in those flaxseeds, but remember, moderation is the operative word!

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  1. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


  2. I would like to say that this post is awesome, nice written and include almost all important information. I’d like to see more posts like this.


    1. Thankyou so much 🙂


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